Trader Janice

Trading My Way to Financial Independence

About Me

Hi! I’m Janice, and I’ve recently accepted that I am a lazy individual. I’m also a mom to two wonderful children, wife to the most awesomest husband, an aspiring trader, and a FI enthusiast. I’ve decided I want to semi-retire at 40. What do I mean when I say “semi-retire”? First let me explain the part about being lazy.

Tim Ferris is one of my heroes. Well, sort of. I don’t know much about him except he’s a bad-ass who does what he wants in life. I’d like some of that bad-assery. I read The 4-Hour-Workweek about ten years ago (purely because of the title), and I didn’t actually finish the book, but I got the gist of it. Just the idea that someone was out there doing what they wanted in life, convention be damned, was inspiring enough.

It took ten years to do something with that inspiration, and I’m giving myself a few years to get there, but better late than never.

I’d been toying with the idea of leaving my job and becoming a full time stock trader, and I finally decided to pull the trigger. Full time as in working 10 hours a week. Semi-retirement. And yes, I’m going to work more than twice as hard as Tim Ferris. I’m entering my late thirties, and I’m getting weary of working 8 or more hours per day. I’ve gotten lazy in my old age.

I’m a software developer by profession, but I want to leave the corporate world of 8-hour-days-5-days-a-week-until-I’m-65 and join the ranks of independent stock traders who work for themselves, where, and when, they want. They have autonomy over their schedule and how much work they put in.

In the next few years, I plan on learning short term trading as well as beefing up our passive income so we can sustain our current lifestyle without having to work full time.

Lofty as they may be, these are my goals. But hey, it’s go big or go home, right?

1. Become a profitable short term trader within 4 years.

2. Work one to two hours a day Monday through Friday. Weekend warrior I am not.

3. Sustain our current lifestyle. No crazy budgeting or extreme cutbacks.

4. Build passive income to supplement my trading income.